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new blues flys - friend - 03-19-2009

hi i have lots of flys
hovering around in one spot can someone help me on this as i would like to know why they do that and how to get rid of them :confused: :confused: [color:blue] [/color] [color:blue] [/color] [color:blue] [/color]

Re: new blues flys - kossmore - 03-19-2009

You can get rid of the flying flys by setting up a fly motel nearby. Get it at most garden stores. To get rid of the source you need to areate the ground where they are grouping. If there is ground you can dig and move the earth around, then spray some insect killer. Also wash out the gound with some dish soap and lots of water several days in a row. It is possible that there could have been a nest somewhere that you did not see. Good luck. Sharon