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New at gardening yikes!! - Donnamarie55 - 02-20-2009

I live in Pa and would like to do some gargening outdide. I am looking for some good resourse books, any suggestions???
I know nothing about flowers

Re: New at gardening yikes!! *DELETED* *DELETED* - nani - 02-20-2009

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plants in birmingham al need help - nani - 02-20-2009


Re: New at gardening yikes!! - IntrepidMeredith - 02-20-2009

Go to your local library and check out books about gardening in your state/region. Something that's more regionally specific will be more helpful than some of the more general guides. Once you've found a few books you really like, you can go buy just those few. Alternatively, most local garden centers have a small book section in them. You can ask some of the store staff to recommend something that's good for beginners and contains local information too. A third option is to find a local gardening group, a Master Gardener's group, or to contact your local County Extension Office (in the blue or white pages of the telephone book). These are all people who would be happy to help out a new gardener!

Re: New at gardening yikes!! - LARRYR - 03-09-2009

I'd suggest you contact your local Penn State Ext. office
for information on your county's Master Gardener program.
The office personel will provide phone numbers of master gardeners for you to call and they will be happy to answer your questions.
Northumberland County MG.