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Water crystals - daisys_garden - 02-17-2009

Not sure about navigating this forum so here goes. Received Issue #86, Pg. 33 - Planting Success is an article on hanging baskets. The article mentions water "crystals" does anyone know where they can be obtained either on line or at a store??? I used them back in the '80's and haven't seen them since and have been looking for over a year. Thanks!

Re: Spring is on the way! - IntrepidMeredith - 02-20-2009

Check your local garden center for the water crystals. They're probably located in the same area as the fertilizer spikes that you can put in potted plants, or next to the smaller sized bags of potting soil. They usually come in a small package: 4"x6", 6"x8", something like that, either hanging on a peg or else all lined up in a box on the shelf. You may be able to find them during the gardening season at K-Mart, Target & the like also.

Re: Spring is on the way! - Caroline - 02-22-2009

Yeah, and I just saw them in Home Depot.

Re: Spring is on the way! - Lark - 03-02-2009

Hi Daisy, I am new on this site too. I used water crystals last year in all my pots. It worked excellent. Just follow the directions...absolutely DO NOT use more.