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Planting Fall Bulbs - HELP - JoyceP - 10-24-2008

I have in my possession 24 Chameleon Flower and 36 Lilly of Valley Bulbs. I have not prepared the soil (shame on me)Can these be planted in a pot and left outside over the Winter or maybe in a pot in a cold garage? ANY SUGGESTIONS ?

Re: Planting Fall Bulbs - HELP - lakelady - 10-26-2008

What is your location, JoyceP? I have planted bulbs in Michigan as late as February (during a thaw) and they came up fine in the spring. Didn't do any prep, just dug some holes.

Re: Planting Fall Bulbs - HELP - JoyceP - 10-26-2008

Thankx.. I'm in zone 6 in NY...I'm a nubie to this. I'm doing a job at a friend's house (which I'm getting paid for) so I do not want to mess it up...It's warm here today (maybe too warm to be planting the bulbs) so maybe I'll just go ahead and dig those holes.

Re: Planting Fall Bulbs - HELP - greenwoodstewart - 10-31-2008

Hi JoyceP, Well! you have got me scraching my head. First the Lilley of the vally is not a bubl it is a rhizome or roote and is grown by devision or seed. It is best grown near shubs or trees. They are not easy to establis. They need humus-rich soil that is slightly acid. I see no reason why you cannot grow them in a box 18"x12"x9"deep. Fill the box with with Azalea or Rhododendron compost. Cover with about 1-11/2" of compost water-in but keep damp not wet.