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Italian dandelions? - MeMarie - 07-26-2008

Does anyone out there know anything about a perennial that I'be been told is an Italian Dandelion? The leaves look similar to the actual weed but much more slender and the flower somewhat resembles a daisy. They only open in the evening and are finished by the next morning. Has anyone ever had these or know what other name they might go by?

Re: Italian dandelions? - gardenymph - 08-09-2008

Italian Dandelions are also known as Chicory. In Italy, the foliage are used as salad greens. It can be very invasive!

Re: Italian dandelions? - MeMarie - 08-16-2008

I didn't know chicory was also known as Italian Dandelion, but that isn't what these are. They are just a little perennial but it doesn't spread at all. The flower somewhat resembles a daisy and the leaves are somewhat delicate looking. Thanks a lot for your reply, tho! Enjoy the day!

Re: Italian dandelions? - LARRYR - 08-22-2008

Providing your state or region of residence would be a big help in correctly identifying your weed.

Re: Italian dandelions? - MeMarie - 08-25-2008

Sorry about that, I guess that would help matters a bit, wouldn't it! I'm in Northwest Ohio and this is actually a perennial flower as opposed to a weed. The daisy like flower only opens in the late evening and is closed and done by the next morning. Hope you can help!

Re: Italian dandelions? - louv - 08-27-2008

Sorry I do not know either,but would like to know too. It sounds interesting snd wonder to what it could be. Is it a big problem in the garden?????

Re: Italian dandelions? - MeMarie - 08-30-2008

Oh no, it's not a problem at all. It doesn't spread at all, it's just a single small plant. The flower head opens up barely 6" above the ground. It's just one of those unusual plants I'm trying to get more information about. The fact that it opens in early evening and is done by the next morning is out of the ordinary for perennials that I know about. I need to get learn how to use a digital camera and maybe post some pictures but I'm not the most techno savvy person around. I'm still doing research on different web-sites to see if I can uncover any information. Hopefully someone out there has some of these and can provide more information!

Re: Italian dandelions? - MeMarie - 08-31-2008

Sorry, I guess I should be a little more specific, but it does re-seed itself, it just doesn't go crazy and take over the flower bed!

Re: Italian dandelions? - IntrepidMeredith - 10-18-2008

Head to your local library and pick up a guide to U.S. or local wildflowers. The Golden Field Guide Wildflowers of North America is what I normally use, but there are many others. It will take a while to page through all the pictures, but you may find a match for your mystery plant in there.