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sinister growth - Linnet - 05-01-2008

This spring as the snow was melting off my flower beds, I noticed everywhere a cobwebby something (fungus? mold?) clinging to the dormant plants. Newly exposed, the strands looked just like thick, white cob webs, very pretty. As they dried the webs took on a dead, grey, sinister, moldy look. What is this stuff and should I be concerned about it?

Re: sinister growth - IntrepidMeredith - 05-01-2008

I saw the something similar on parts of my lawn as the snow retreated. I assume that it is something fungussy that was growing in the dark, moist habitat under the melting snow. After a week or so it had dried up and crumbled/blew away. It didn't seem to do anything to the grass it had been resting on. I'd say just wait it out. This is the hardest part of Spring. The snow is gone, but everything is still blah and dead looking. Once things have a chance to perk up after being mashed under all that snow (and what a load of snow it was this last winter!), things should start looking much better.