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Plant labels - WayneK - 03-30-2008

I'm looking for some type of plant label that does rot or get pulled out when I rake my perennial beds in the spring. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Plant labels - IntrepidMeredith - 03-31-2008

I like the 10" copper plant labels. You can etch the name of the plant into the copper, so there's no problem with losing your information to sun fading, and the 10" legs are easily pushed into the ground as far as you need them to go to be the appropriate height for the planting area and do not rot or break easily. They are more expensive than the plastic stakes (about $5-6 for a 10-pack), but you don't have to replace them every year, either, so they pay for themselves within a few years.

Re: Plant labels - Sagimoon - 04-20-2008

I have used flat river rocks & written the name on them & set by plant. Happy Gardening!

Re: Plant labels - Alicyn - 04-27-2008

What kind of paint do you use to write the name on the rocks?


Re: Plant labels - Pippi - 04-28-2008

I bought some metal plant stakes last year from Gardener's Supply and was very pleased with them. Check out their website. Nice people to deal with.