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Foxgloves - Garden2Luv - 01-21-2008

Just read the article in Feb. issue on foxgloves. I have had very good luck with foxgloves in my front yard. This year I look forward to seeing them move to my back perennial bed. However mine have never reached 6 ft. tall.
I'm hoping the move to a more sunnier area will make them taller. Do they need staking? In the past I had other tall flowers destroyed by a storm.

Re: Foxgloves - gardenymph - 01-28-2008

Foxgloves are one of my favorite cottage garden flowers and they add beautiful height. I am in Massachusetts and have never had to stake mine. I usually have them in a mass planting so they work with one another. Good luck reaching 6 ft...a little more sun may be the trick.

Re: Foxgloves - KimmSr - 01-29-2008

Most all Foxgloves, "Digitalis" spp, grow in the 2 to 4 foor tall range although a few cultivars may, in the right place, reach 6 feet. I doubt we have a long enough growing season for that. "D. purpurea" will reach the 4 foot height in my garden, but I've not seen it any taller.

Re: Foxgloves - louv - 01-29-2008

They are one of my favorites of flowers the foxglove. They do good in my gardens and have them everywhere.they do get tall for me both in some shade and sun and have not seen much of a differents where they are. They do good till a storm blows in with rain and then they are a mess. I do stake them so that the storms do not hit them so bad then. And sometimes them break them bad too. I still love them anyways.

Re: Foxgloves - Garden2Luv - 01-30-2008

I guess I'll have to wait and see. I sure can't wait for the spring to come. Especially after this last winter blast of cold air. Thanks for responding to this post. It's nice to hear from other gardeners! :>)

Re: Foxgloves - weedyseedy - 10-14-2008

I planted yellow ones this year, are they more perennial than the pink or white? They bloomed very small spikes that fell over in the summer. Now one is reblooming and headed for at least three feet. And standing tall. I think they may seed themselves but I don't think I'm going to be able to recognize the seedlings from the weeds!

Re: Foxgloves - weedyseedy - 10-14-2008

Another thought,I think if you plant the seeds earlier the first year and they are biennial they will have a larger spike. I grew one higher than my five-six head one year.