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Invasive Plants - va24592 - 08-28-2007

Newbie to the forum. I'm looking for information on invasive plants in NC, specifcially the Piedmont. Finding that not many of my gardening books have such a listing in the index AND what is invasive to one is not to another. Any good references (other than NCState).

Re: Invasive Plants - LARRYR - 12-22-2007

I use Ohio State with good results. Good luck.

Re: Invasive Plants - KimmSr - 12-24-2007

The North Carolina Botanical Garden has a list of invasive plant species. Not everyone, yet, agrees on what makes an invasive plant species and the USDA relys on places such as North Carolina State, a cooperative extension partner with the USDA, to provide them with information so NCSU is probably your best source of information, especially since they also get information from the US Forest Service and many other sources. What is the Problem with NCSU?

Re: Invasive Plants - mnken - 01-04-2008

Best bets for invasive information - try the US Fish and Wildlife Service Office (refuges: closest to you. They should have lots of contact info. Also good sources are the state department of transportation (at least here in MN), ag extension services, nature conservancy, etc. If you live near a local nature center they are often the best source of information on invasives.