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Floating Vegetable Garden - drmargy - 06-24-2007

I have a floating garden. I think it is pretty unique. It is a large cedar log float with four raised beds. It floats offshore on a log boom to keep it away from hungry critters. I grow vegetables including lettuce, onions, herbs, carrots and potatoes. By rotating crops I get quite a bit to use in salads, etc. You can see it at
I would be interested in your comments. Has anyone else used something similar? -- Margy

Re: Floating Vegetable Garden - greenbean20 - 07-03-2008

do you have like a big river or stream? b/c i cant imagine a big log with plants in a small pond

Re: Floating Vegetable Garden - drmargy - 04-22-2009

Sorry it took me so long to answer your question. We live in a floating cabin on Powell Lake in Coastal British Columbia. The shore is a massive granite cliff not very conducive to planting much of a garden. Consequently I asked my friend to build me a cedar log float that could hold four raised beds of dirt in which to grown my veggies. It works really well. An added benefit is that I can pull it away from shore to keep hungry critters out. If you go to my blog you can see pictures under the topic of "Gardening." - Margy