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Resin Statue Winter Care - IntrepidMeredith - 11-06-2006

I bought a nice resin statue this summer that I'd like to keep outside over the winter, but I'm not sure if my central Wisconsin snow and cold will damage it.

Does anyone know if resin is sturdy enough to withstand the elements, or must it be retired indoors for the winter?

Re: Resin Statue Winter Care - KimmSr - 11-07-2006

Most all of those resin garden ornaments that I have seen say to store them inside for the winter. I would suspect there is a possibility that moisture could penetrate that resin and freeze and that would break your statue, something you would probably not like have happen.

Re: Resin Statue Winter Care - buzz75 - 11-07-2006

We had a hollow resin statue in the garden two years ago and it became brittle over the winter so I'd keep it inside.

Re: Resin Statue Winter Care - IntrepidMeredith - 11-13-2006

Thanks for the advice! I got the statue inside just as our first snowstorm came in. Almost 6" of wet snow came down. Great for snowman building, but I think gardening season is definitely done. Sad

Now bring on those new, 2007 catalogs! :grin: