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forum catagories - Guest - 08-16-2006

Hello everyone,
There's been a request for more forum catagories instead of one long thread. We can do that - what do you think of this and which topics would you like to see?

Re: forum catagories - tamoore575 - 08-17-2006

Plants - Bugs - Soil - Design (choosing plants - what, where, etc.) Under Plants: Annual, Perennial, Bulbs, Vegetables, Herbs, Trees. (Well, at least its a start)

Re: forum catagories - goldtree55 - 08-21-2006

Sounds great! It would make life easier.

Re: forum catagories - IntrepidMeredith - 08-24-2006

How about a catagory where we can just keep each other informed as to what we're each up to. I remember from this past Spring, several people logged on just to report the emerging signs of Spring in their area, their excitement about being able to get out and dig again, etc. I also expect that this Fall there will be notes on putting gardens to bed and the arrival of the first frosts and snows.

And maybe a topic under Plants for discussion of plant catalogs/websites for purchasing plants? And a Shrubs topic (or combined Trees/Shrubs). And either Composing as it's own category, or under the Soil category. And... :grin:

Re: forum catagories - buzz75 - 08-30-2006

Let's get the categories up. I know I'm not alone in the fact that I don't feel like reading through a hundred or more threads of posts. While we're at it lets clean up the junk posts too. I have a feeling that there are a ton of them through the hundreds of threads out there.

Re: forum catagories - IndySusan - 10-17-2006

yes, separate categories would be very helpful, along the lines suggested in first post.

Re: forum catagories - Halogengirlie - 01-16-2007

I wouldn't mind a section for regional suggestions... where people can get info on local garden tours... and info on the best nurseries... as well as advice specific to your own region.

Re: forum catagories - grampe - 01-30-2007

How about a forum on Hydroponics, I am new here, and was hoping that I would find a forum on Hydroponics, to get information, and also to give information as well.

Re: forum catagories - IntrepidMeredith - 02-14-2007

I just realized we should have a thread to discuss the newest issue of Garden Gate! Issue #74 (Mar/Apr. '07) just arrived today, and I can't wait to sink my eyeballs into it! :grin:

Re: forum catagories - IntrepidMeredith - 04-05-2007

How about a Critter Corner? Dealing with undesirables, luring beneficials, identification, etc. It can include birds, mammals and amphibians/reptiles, in addition to insects.

Also, can the Logout button be moved to the right side of the screen? I don't know how many times I've accidentally hit it, rather than the button to take me back to the main gardening page. Has anyone else had a problem with that, or is it just me?