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Propagating maple trees - IntrepidMeredith - 08-03-2006

I have a mature sugar maple tree in my yard that I'd like to propagate. Does anyone know the best time/way to take cuttings and root them to grow new trees?

Re: Propagating maple trees - KimmSr - 08-05-2006

I doubt you would need to take cuttings since the seed should be prolific, at least my Acer saccharum produces tons of seed each year and these are sprouting all over. Geoff Bryant in his "Propagation Handbook" says that Acer species are best started from seed, too.

Re: Propagating maple trees - IntrepidMeredith - 08-06-2006

That's the really weird thing about this maple. I've never seen it drop seed. All the maples I've ever seen throw those little propeller seedpods with abandon, but not mine. It does 'flower' in the spring, but no seedpods. I have noticed that there are very few other maples in the area, and the closest one (I think) is just a little guy a few hundred feet away. Could my tree just not be getting enough pollen from other trees to be able to set a noticable amount of seed? Or were sterile varieties of maple available 60-100 years ago? Hand pollination is out of the question, so I assume I'm stuck with vegetative propagation. I'll see if I can find Geoff Bryant's book, but any other advice would be welcome!

Re: Propagating maple trees - IntrepidMeredith - 08-27-2006

I picked up Bryant's book, and it looks like I can try tip cuttings -- it just takes longer to get them going, and the success rate is a lot more iffy. I'll get some cuttings this fall &/or next spring, and we'll see how it goes!

Re: Propagating maple trees - IntrepidMeredith - 04-26-2007

Here's an update:

I took 6 cuttings from my tree between the last week of March/first week of April. I dipped the stripped ends in some Bontone rooting powder & stuck them in the ground in a spot that will get only a few hours of direct sun each day. One month later it looks like they're all showing some new green buds! Hooray! Now I just have to keep the kids, my husband, the cats, racoons, and the local bear (!) from stepping on them, and I'll be in business!