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Vanilla smelling flower - groovyjoker - 07-08-2006

Hello - can anyone help me identify this flower? It came from a butterfly mix (I think). The mature blossoms smell like vanilla and sugar, and I want to harvest the seeds and plant more, forever and forever and ever......I have never smelled anything like it. I actually want to EAT this plant!

Link to pic of flower

Re: Vanilla smelling flower - groovyjoker - 07-14-2006

Not sure my image is accessible here. Anyway, you can click on this link to see the picture. My neighbor says that it is "anise" and I say "Italian Parsley."


Re: Vanilla smelling flower - groovyjoker - 07-18-2006

Found the answer - Queen's Anne Lace

Re: Vanilla smelling flower - 2bizzy2care - 10-04-2006

I never knew Queen's Anne Lace smelled like vanilla, we have lots and lots around here and I never noticed--gonna have to go out and find some and take a big sniff!

Re: Vanilla smelling flower - gummy5 - 06-21-2007

Could it be a heliotrope-I always plants lots of them for the vanilla scent. They have small bunches of bright purple flowers and dark green leaves.

Re: Vanilla smelling flower - windchimeman678 - 06-22-2007

Baskin Robbins???