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Soprano plant - nesset - 06-11-2006

Is there any way to get this plant to survive in zone 4? ~Val

Re: Soprano plant - amber - 06-11-2006

i don't know what this plant is im a beginner basically if you tell me what it is like what zone it grows in and if it needs full sun or shade lots of water ect i may be able to come up with an idea

Re: Soprano plant - nesset - 06-12-2006

It's a type of daisy. It's for a zone 9 and calls for full sun to part shade.

Re: Soprano plant - IntrepidMeredith - 01-17-2008

If it's only hardy into Zone 9, your best bets are to either treat it as an annual and grow new plants each year (as with impatiens or zonal geraniums), or to plant it in a pot that you bring indoors each winter. Zone 9 plants can't tolerate temperatures much below freezing (20-30 degrees F), and our Zone 4 winters are way to cold for them to survive outdoors, even with 1-foot of mulch piled on top.