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Deadheading Roses - LionelCurtis - 06-11-2006

I am intersted in know the proper method to deadhead roses. I have heard enthusiasts speakd of cutting below the area with five (5) leaves and cutting at a slant. Please advise.


Re: Deadheading Roses - nesset - 06-11-2006

We just heard the same thing on a garden show today.

Re: Deadheading Roses - heinzmann - 06-12-2006

That is correct. But keep in mind the 5 set of leaves must face outward. Do not use anvil style snippers. And I also have better luck if the cut slant is facing outward as well. In the fall or early spring do a hard trim to open the bush back up. Cut any branches that overlap or ones that are out of shape(stick way out). Mulch heavy in the winter about 6-8 inches, if you have a hard winter. Don't be afraid to trim the rose even if it means to loose a couple of buds because they will produce more than before. Give them a good soaking after you trim as well. I know that is a lot of information. Hope it helps. Roses are my passion.

Re: Deadheading Roses - KimmSr - 01-21-2008

When deadheading roses it is best to find a 5 leaf stem below the blossom and cut just above that. This is where new growth will appear and often you can see that new bud forming.

Re: Deadheading Roses - sutliff - 03-10-2008

Just a note to explain why the leaves should be pointing outward. That's where the new branch will be forming and if you cut at the leaf section that points in, your new branch will grow inward. Thus why you need to have the leaf section point outward.