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hummingbird garden - Zoey - 05-16-2006

i am new here. love to flower garden. my season is short though, i m in zone 4. i m building a hummingbird garden. Does anyone have any suggestions for zone 4 plants that hummingbirds love?

Re: hummingbird garden - KimmSr - 11-28-2006

Oh my, there are tons of flowering plants that hummingbirds love although those flowers that are more trumpet shaped allow them to get the nectar easier. Things such as the Salvias, Cleome, Lavender, Four O clocks, Hostas, Hollyhocks. My experience is they will be happy with about any flower.

Re: hummingbird garden - IntrepidMeredith - 11-30-2006

Delphiniums are another really good candidate, and I seem to recall them checking out my geraniums, too.

Re: hummingbird garden - Rita_Mae - 08-17-2007

I've found this site helpful:
AND this one:

Re: hummingbird garden - gardenymph - 02-03-2008

I have hummingbirds all over my butterfly bushes, bee balms, agastache (especially agastache rupestris) and lobelia.

Northeastern Massachusetts

Re: hummingbird garden - weedyseedy - 10-14-2008

I think they like red flowers although they are into everything in my garden but they love red crocosmia Lucifer. Red Trumpet vine is also a real draw if you have room for it.