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Cutting Flower Garden - dirtdobber - 04-18-2006

I have just created a small space for a cutting garden. I have high hopes of having flowers in our house from this little place. Any suggestions for plants for this spot would be appreciated. It gets morning sun and is semi-shade most of the day.
Happy digging!!

Re: Cutting Flower Garden - Star - 04-21-2006

June 2000 issue no.33 has a great article on cutting garden,you can also go to home page click garden plans and do a search and it will bring up lots of infro for your ideas!

Re: Cutting Flower Garden - captainbartelt - 06-09-2006

We have had one for the past couple of years. We usually plant Zinnias, Asters, Cosmos, and anything else we seem to like in a giver year, IT IS REALLY NICE.