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Gathering Petunia seeds - Swngthng - 04-18-2006

What is te easiest way to collect petunia seeds and what exactly am I looking for when its that time of season to start collecting them

Re: Gathering Petunia seeds - KimmSr - 04-18-2006

Something that looks kind of like a pepper corn. Late summer and early fall, providing the flower was properly pollinated.

Re: Gathering Petunia seeds - shadylane - 04-29-2006

Wait for the small pods to turn brown they crack slightly, this way you know that they are good for germination the next year. Also when it's time to start collecting you need to check them daily, they seem to rippen quickly once started. The seeds are very tiny, drk.brownish/black. You may see them first lay on the sticky parts of the plant.