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Mole problem - pioneer - 03-04-2006

My brother-in-law has a mole problem. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of them without the use of pesticides that will hurt domestic pets or other wildlife.

Re: Mole problem - BradB - 03-05-2006

First, make sure you have moles and not voles. Some people confuse them and they are quite different. Can you describe what they're doing or what they look like?

Re: Mole problem - pioneer - 03-05-2006

He says it has a really long nose. It's tunneling through his lawn leaving raised pathways. The pathways are going all over his yard.

Re: Mole problem - BradB - 03-06-2006

Certainly is moles. You'll find some good information here:

I had a similar issue with voles and found that trappingwas best way to control them.

Re: Mole problem - pioneer - 03-07-2006

Thanks for the information.

Re: Mole problem - KimmSr - 03-07-2006

Whoa, a publication from a state university advocates using pollutants to control a simple pest? Not good.
Moles have been around for eons and a 16th century garden writer proposed burying a straight sided bucket in the lawn and placing a female mole in that bucket. Supposedly her cries for help would attract males and they would also fall into the bucket while attempting to rescue that female, and that does work about as well as most other controls.
A deterent, something that will for a short time drive the mole away, is 1 pint of castor oil put into a 1 quart hoes end sprayer that is then filled with water and that is sprayed over 2,500 square feet and the well watered in. Research at Michigan State University shows this will drive the mole (most usually there is only one for every 1/4 acre) away for 6 to 8 weeks because the castor oil will flavor the food source for the mole so it is distasteful and they leave to find beter tasting food, or at least that is the theory.

Re: Mole problem - DeeCee - 03-08-2006

Can you describe the difference? I have not seen the creatures, just their holes. This year they have gotten more plentiful and a lot bigger (4-5 inches!)

Re: Mole problem - KimmSr - 03-14-2006

Pictures of a couple of different species of moles can be found at
A picture of a vole can be found at

Re: Mole problem - IntrepidMeredith - 03-21-2006

Get a cat! We have four of them, all outdoors only. They are constantly coming back with moles, voles, mice (OK, the occasional rabbit or bird, too). I've never had a problem with any of these varmints, and, as we live out in the country, the cats have plenty of room to roam, and so leave my garden alone too. The only things the don't keep away are the opossum, raccoons, deer and bugs. Maybe we need a dog, too...

Re: Mole problem - WJA - 03-23-2006

There is something called Perma Til. It is avliable in North Carolina and I am sure other places. It is nothing but heated slate that has been pufffed up. It helps with drainage, compaction, and hold nutrients. It also helps keep voles and I think moles from digging. They don't like the feeling of it.