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New here - pioneer - 02-20-2006

I'm new here. I hope to learn from other gardeners and also to share my gardening experiences.

Re: New here - Angela - 02-21-2006

Morning - I'n new too. Based in England and recently subscribed to the magazine. I am yet to receive the first issue but look forward to it.

Re: New here - sharron11 - 02-21-2006

I'm new, too. Love the magazine. Have every issue! Would like to share ideas and learn from others.

Re: New here - sarah - 02-22-2006

Hello everyone!! I have been a member for a long time and just love the mag!!!!! If ya have any question jump right in and I am sure there is plenty of people around that can help ya out!!

Re: New here - Sallie - 02-27-2006

I am looking for some shrubs for a shade garden. They can't get too big as space is limited. Any ideas?

Re: Shade Bush - rarhode - 05-06-2006

I love hydrangeas and I have two dwarf varieties that are lovely...Pee Wee and Little Honey. Pee Wee is a dwarf variation of the popular "Snow Queen" and grows only to 4 feet tall (although mine is holding even shorter.) Little Honey is a dwarf oakleaf that holds gold leaves throughout the summer and also grows to 4' tall and 3' wide. I have them in a partial shade garden, but they will do well in shade too. In the Fall they turn the most beautiful shade of crimson. [color:green] [/color] Good Luck.

Re: Shade Bush - jwheeler - 05-07-2006

I am new here. I was womdering if any of the memebers have ever dealt with Japanese Knotweed. I purchased a home over the winter and discovered it growing this spring. It is spreading and I need to find a way to control or destroy it. I need help.

Re: New here - Mack - 05-16-2006

I'm new too. Looks like there is a fine Ohio contigency online but I am now in a completely different gardening world: High desert, dry, hot, lots of plant eaters, and expensive water. I had sworn off magazines as desert gardening is never covered.

Re: New here - Mack - 05-16-2006

Oops. Got busy and didn't quite finish that post. What I was about to say is that Garden Gate Magazine has turned me around. They had sent me a sample, I read several useful things even to me and have since always found useful information in every magazine. Just found the forums today. This should be fun.