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Why plant coral bells - amf - 01-13-2006

I have heard so many people on here and other places talk about planting or having coral bells in their gardens. Why are they so popular and should I add them to my garden? I live in Texas, Zone 9 and really don't know much about them. Can anyone tell me about them and if I can grow them here? I appreciate any feed back on this. Happy gardening to all.

Re: Why plant coral bells - KimmSr - 01-14-2006

Heuchara will need a shady spot that is well endowed with organic matter and is evenly moist but well drained. They can brighten up a shady spot with the colors, especially some of the newer cultivars available, and are generally quite easy to care for as long as their needs are met.

Re: Why plant coral bells - amf - 01-14-2006

Thanks for the information KimmSr. I will make sure that I add some to my garden this year.

Re: Why plant coral bells - plantlady - 02-02-2006

I also like using heuchera (coral bells) in planters with other plants, especially the colored foliage ones like "Plum Pudding" and a golden leafed version. They add a nice foliage color even when not in bloom. Another similar plant you can try is tiarella. Smile